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T'S & C'S


  • No additional guests will be allowed to visit or stay over without prior arrangement with the managing staff. In such an event payment for the additional overnight stay or day visitor’s fee shall be settled before the arrival of the additional guests.

  • We recycle 40%-60% of our waste and we ask you to assist us in separating your waste in the four rubbish bins provided in the kitchen.

  • Due to the fact that the property is situated next to a water body, insects can be a nuisance. Keep windows and doors closed after dark and keep the lights off if not required.

  • Towels are not to be removed from the house or used as swimming towels.

  • If a power outage occurs, contact the manager immediately. Please refrain from using candles.

  • No pets are allowed.

  • No loud music or boisterous behavior will be tolerated. Please respect the fact that this is a tranquil, residential area and keep quite after 21h00.

  • Please report any inoperative equipment, damages, dangers or faults immediately.

  • Please use water sparingly. Check that taps are closed and toilets don’t leak water after flushing.

  • No fireworks are allowed.


  • In the unlikely event that we are forced to cancel your booking, due to circumstances beyond our control, then we will refund all monies already paid by you and confirm that you will not be liable for any further payments to us.


  • 30 Days prior to arrival a 15% cancellation fee will be levied on the total booking amount.

  • 21 Days prior to arrival a 25% cancellation fee will be levied on the total booking amount.

  • 14 Days prior to arrival a 50% cancellation fee will be levied on the total booking amount.

  • 7 Days prior to arrival a 100% cancellation fee will be levied on the total booking amount.


  • Before you embark on any activity involving water sports, first consult <>  for water quality reports.

  • If you do want to swim in the river, ask where the safest place is before you jump or dive into the water. Objects under the water’s surface, such as tree branches, do wash down from time to time and can cause serious injury.

  • Children under 18 years must have proper adult supervision at all times when engaging in outdoor activity.

  • All water vessels must be fully certified according to SAMSA policy and regulations. Valid skipper licenses are also required.


  • We are sure that you will take care whilst you stay with us, and we acknowledge that accidents sometimes happen. We do however reserve the right to charge for any damage or breakages which we consider to be deliberately or recklessly caused by you or people of your party.

  • Leaving the house in an excessively dirty condition will result in the retention of the entire or part of the breakage fee. Any additional costs or expenses that are more than the breakage fee, which must be incurred by the managing staff to clean or repair, will be claimed from the guest.

  • Malicious or accidental damage caused by you or your party will be charged for at the full replacement cost of the damaged item. An additional cleaning charge will be levied accordingly, e.g. heavily soiled bedding, stained carpets, etc.

  • For the comfort of others, boisterous and rowdy behavior will not be tolerated and if necessary, disruptive guests will be asked to leave. Children are to be kept under control at all times.


  • This is a Non-Smoking establishment and smoking is strictly prohibited inside the house. Should any guest fail to adhere to the policy they will be charged with an R1000.00 cleaning fee.

  • If smoking outside, please ensure that windows and doors are closed in order to prevent smoke from entering the house or rooms.

  • Please dispose of cigarette buds and other rubbish in the appropriate fashion. Littering is considered a serious offense. We try to do our part in keeping the environment clean and healthy.


  • Please adhere to arrival and departure times. Arrival is from 14H00 unless prior arrangements have been made with the managing staff. We request that you vacate the house by 10h00 on the day of departure. If you fail to do so, we reserve the right to charge a day fee or an additional night’s stay.

  • Please hand over the house keys to the manager before departure.


  • Please make sure you take all your belongings when you depart. Neither the owner nor the managing staff will be responsible for the loss or damage to belongings once you check out.

  • The use of all the facilities in the house and outside is done so at your own risk. Neither the owner nor the managing staff can be held liable for any injury, death or damage to possessions during your stay.

  • The guests are directly responsible for all negligent, accidental, intentional, or unintentional damage to the house, its contents and property, caused by the guest, their family, or their guests, and will be charged for all repairs, replacement and other related expenses and costs.

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